“Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.” Drew Houston

I needed one non-perfect calorie day, I chose tonight to make that happen! My husband took the kids to a football game out of town to watch our oldest cheer…mama had the house all to herself for the evening! I stayed strict with the diet guidelines and avoided dairy and gluten and got myself some Chinese take-out (Szechuan beef and fried rice) and an iced tea. THEN — the moment I’ve been waiting for, for 2 weeks — I uncorked my Argentinian Malbec and had a glass. It’s true, absence does make the heart grow fonder. 

I wanted to touch base on my total weight loss that I mentioned yesterday.  I about cried when My Fitness Pal erupted in confetti and celebrations when I entered my final weight loss for the 10 day “shred” yesterday morning.  But I just wanted to go totally honest and let you all know those 25 lbs lost have NOT been a constant, steady process. I have had many lose-regain-lose-regain fluctuations since I was at my heaviest weight. Now, however, I feel much more in control, which is an entirely new feeling for me while dieting. I’ve always felt like I’m clinging to the edge of a cliff by my fingernails, just waiting to slip off and fall back into the viscious cycle.

For a weight loss struggle to share with you all tonight, I’d like to share something very simple: I frickin’ love food. I did not have a hard, traumatic childhood, I have never been abused, I was never bullied, I never struggled with my weight pre-pregnancy, I have never suffered any injury that rendered me immobile.  I love food, I love flavors, I love contrasting textures, I love baking (pies are my specialty), I love the science of baking/cooking. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment, pride, and satisfaction when people like what I make for them. I am a pleaser through and through, I function best when I know people are happy with me.

 This is a big reason why this diet of eliminating certain foods is killing me! Thankfully my love of cooking and searching for neat, new recipes has saved me on this diet. I have found some phenomenal recipes that fit all the criteria of the diet on Pinterest, my tastebuds have not been bored by any means! Just to give you an example of one, here’s one I made recently that you’d never know was healthy and diet-friendly: Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs. These are so incredibly good, my mouth is tricked into thinking I’m eating something super-rich and indulgent.

And go ahead and make fun of me all you want, call me a trendy hipster, but I love my La Croix! I can trick my brain into thinking I’m sneaking in a pop, even though my tongue is fully aware that’s no Cherry Coke it’s tasting. Hey, hey, hey, before anyone says it — I’m from Kansas, don’t you dare call the pop “soda,” it hurts my midwestern soul.

I am still working on the menu for the restaurant we’re trying out Sunday morning for breakfast. I am determined to find something that fits my guidelines and not have to resort to eating beforehand and then just sitting at the table like a goon, eating nothing.

Well, I have had my end-of-the-week soak in my giant jetted tub with all my essential oils and Epsom salts, I’ve had a glass of delicious wine, and I watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls in a peaceful empty house. Feeling like right now is the perfect time to sign off! Plus, there’s a meteor shower tonight, I’m hoping to see a few before the clouds start rolling in for our huge weekend storms. 💫 Bonsoir, mes chèris!



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