“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” Buddha

Today was an overall success…except for one minor caffeine slip-up (still trying not to have any until my sleep schedule feels much more regular), but I swear it was not intentional, I didn’t realize it until afterwards! All the foods I ate today were right on track with my guidelines, may have gone over slightly calorie-wise, but I had a lot of concentrating to do today in judging the gymnastics meet so I couldn’t afford to have hunger and craving interfering with throwing scores.

Breakfast was rushed, I had an Ambrosia Apple, an ounce of whole almonds, two giant medjool dates, and water while driving and also whil standing around for the judges/coaches meeting before the meet began. Lunch was great, the coach that put on the meet (I’m talking out you, Coach Matt) had the hospitality room catered with Qdoba! It was fantastic having each ingredient laid out down the line to create our own bowls. I was able to minimize the carbs and bulk up the protein and vegetables. But let me just tell you all how hard it was to NOT touch the unlimited supply of shredded cheese and sour cream that was placed before me…so …so hard.

Alright, so here’s where the caffeine slip-up happened. I’m sure it was because my head was swimming with numbers, deductions, scores, all the new routines for this competition season, I’m sure that’s what caused the brain malfunction…right? Anywho, I’m participating I the Starbucks for Life contest right now and I needed to fulfill the “Coffee Ranger” challenge (you have to make purchases at different locations). So I stopped at a nice new Starbucks right near the Wichita State University campus and scour the menu for things with no sugar/sweetener, artificial flavors, excessive fat, dairy…and I settle on a plain venti iced green tea. I didn’t even realized all the caffeine I chugged until I was an hour down the Kansas turnpike and all the sudden I’m all fidgety and shaky…whoops. Once I reached my parents’ house to stay the night, I ate all of someone’s leftover moo shoo chicken in the fridge (no super sweet plum sauce or Chinese pancakes with it, I just ate the meat and veggies).

I did not read as much as I had planned last night, my me-time relaxation for the night caught up to me after I finished my nightly herbal tea. I only made it to page 7. 😬 Tonight I’m going to get through a chapter or two. I’m only reading a young adult book after all, the plot is catchy and it should read quickly. I have had a few people ask what I drink for my nightly tea, I didn’t realize I hadn’t shared that! I always have the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra, I can always guarantee that within 30 minutes I’ll be ready to bury myself in my blankets and drift off.

Today, I felt really good to get out of the house by myself and do something useful — not to mention, I actually got to talk to other ADULTS, that’s huge in my book! And I also found out today that there is an enormous need for T&T judges all over the country, so maybe we can take some weekend trips sometime, the hubby and kids can explore new places, and I can just happen to get paid to do a thing or two while we’re out and about, we’ll see! Well, I should probably get off my phone and get to reading and finish my tea. I hope everyone else ended their day today with the sense of accomplishment that I did, I often get stuck in my own little bubble and feel like I’m missing out on what’s happening out in the world. But today, as I tell my daycare kiddos, I was a “really useful engine”, just like Thomas…g’ night everyone.

~~ Amie


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