“Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.” Mattie Stepanek

Happy Kansas Day, everybody! 157 years ago today, the place I call home became the 34th state.

Yes, we have sunflowers…

Yes, we have insane rainbows…

Yes, we have beautiful sunsets…

Yes, we have prairie fires (purposeful, don’t be alarmed if you’re driving along I70 during March/April and the prairies are ablaze!)…

Yes, we have nights out on the lake…

And yes, we have deer running through my neighborhood eating all the hostas…

…home sweet home. ❤️🌻🌈🌪🌾

I did not get back on the diet train today. 😬 Daycare was a little stressful today and I had zero spare seconds during the day to make my own healthy foods, so non-healthy leftovers it was.

I missed yesterday on my song challenge, so here are my two to get me caught up…

For day 28, a song by an artist whose voice you love…easy. Amos Lee, you’re my favorite. ❤️ These last few weeks, I have been stuck on his song “Simple Things,” not sure why I can’t get off that one lately, but I certainly don’t mind being stuck on it!

For day 29, a song I remember from my childhood…I’m going to go with the first rap album I ever owned (on cassette, thank you very much). To this day, I can still recall every word, and I even have it on my workout playlist…LL Cool J’s ” Around the Way Girl.” Now of course, tiny, little, blonde-haired, green-eyed, angelic Amie of 1990 did not know the true meaning of those lyrics she was bouncing around her room singing and dancing to — but I didn’t care. I was stuck on that chorus, still am today. 😊

I better attempt to get some sleep tonight, gotta start all over again tomorrow — MUCH more healthy tomorrow, too, no excuses! Nighty night, everyone!



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