“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it; anything you want to — do it; want to change the world…there’s nothing to it.” Willy Wonka

Whew…today… It sucks when you see little kids struggling with something emotionally and you have no idea how to help. When they’re so small they can’t even tell me what’s going on, but they look to me with tear-filled eyes to fix it — and I don’t know what to fix, let alone if I can. Today easily could’ve been a day I chose to drop kick the diet right out the back door and stress eat until I felt sick, but the universe saw fit to make sure I hardly had time to eat anything at all. So, stress eating was out. 😕

Hardly any time for breakfast (and I was out of coffee, nooooooo!), I had make my own breakfast TWICE! Just hot tea and multigrain toast…my first scalding hot cup of Vanilla Bean Macaroon tea got kicked off the table by one of the two year olds, and while I was frantically cleaning the tea disaster, both pieces of my toast where stolen by the other 2 toddlers and devoured in under 1 minute. So, I made a fresh cup of tea, 2 new pieces of toast — on round 2, I finished the tea and ate about 75% of the toast before the tiny hands came for it again. For tonight, I borrowed my oldest child’s mug to appropriately sum up my feelings on how the rest of this day played out…

Barely took 3 bites of lunch before they were screaming and fighting with each other (while strapped into their high chairs)…it was a rush to finish lunch before food started flying, teeth needed brushed, diapers/potty breaks, then down for nap. Only they barely napped, I had to give up on the idea of lunch completely by about 2:00pm.

I did end up shamefully snacking on some (maybe a lot of) candied cinnamon popcorn before dinner, but I was so desperate for some calories I didn’t particularly give a damn. Dinner was extremely healthy, though, grilled chicken and salmon with a fully loaded salad.

I am still a little hungry now, but honestly, I just want to go to bed now. I need to get up early to see the super moon/blue moon/lunar eclipse!!!! It’s time for you all to know that I get reeeaaaaaally excited about space events of any kind — lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, meteor showers, comets, blood moons, harvest moons, ALL kinds of moons, space station fly overs…and nothing ever beats some good old fashioned star gazing, anytime. Kansas has spoiled me with optimal viewing conditions for my celestial obsessions…I can see it all, you guys. 💫

For day 30 of my song challenge, I am to give you a song that reminds me of myself. Of all the songs, I have struggled the most in choosing this one, but I found the perfect song that describes me better than anything…”Pure Imagination” from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. I don’t need to do too much explaining here, just listen to the song and you’ll get a perfect picture of how I see and feel about life.

I think tonight’s sleepy herbal tea needs to be a double, and I need a little extra of my favorite oils on my feet — probably even putting some on the back of my neck tonight. I hope some of you will join me in the early morning hours and watch the trifecta of moon happenings…good night, all.

~~ Amie


2 thoughts on ““If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it; anything you want to — do it; want to change the world…there’s nothing to it.” Willy Wonka

  1. Hi Amie-
    I enjoyed your post. I started a blog because I had to for my masters program, but writing my thoughts has become a form of therapy. You got this, I got this, in here to cheer you on if you need it.
    Also, I want that cup.



    • Thank you, Bri! Congrats on going for your masters! I only completed 2/3 of my coursework for my masters (music performance) before my husband’s job moved us away. And you are absolutely right about this being therapeutic, helps keep my scattered thoughts in line!


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