“Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” Dalai Lama

I have 3 months before I leave for Belize. I have laid out a plan of how much weight is going to be lost in each of those months leading up to my departure. Today was day one of attacking the diet hardcore — and of course work had to be beyond stressful today. OF COURSE IT DID. I tried to sneak off for the fastest bathroom break first thing this morning, I barely shut the door, hadn’t even turned the lock, I look down and see this — how? How do they follow me so fast?!

But I stuck to the diet no matter what, I reminded myself all day long how crappy and disappointed I would feel tomorrow if I let a bunch of tiny kids throw me off with one rough day. Thankfully, I went with a crock pot dinner tonight so the stress of throwing together a meal after everyone left was minimal. It was a new recipe and I thought it turned out great, Crock Pot Lemon Pepper Chicken. I made some quinoa to go with the chicken and veggies, it was delicious and comforting. Not to mention, I came in way under on calories today even thought I felt like I was forcing myself to eat throughout the day! One thing the recipe didn’t address was the byproduct of delicious, golden, lemon-y broth created by slowly simmering those ingredients all day. That is going to make one fantastic soup later in the week!

My 30-day song challenge is complete, but I think I should continue to throw in a song with each blog. Lately, I’ve been watching all the reruns of ER that have been airing on the Pop channel, I loved that show and am sooooo happy someone has finally picked it up so I can watch it all the time again! A few days ago, they ran the episode with the homeless kids who thought Nila was “the blue lady.” That episode uses Ray LaMontagne’s “Till the Sun Turns Black” — I added it to one of my Amazon playlists and have listened to it so many times over the last several days…and Amazon Music scrolls the lyrics on most songs, such a great feature, I really love it.

Well, I have to get up at 5:00am and it is now 10:49pm, yikes! My tea has been sipped, extra water has been drank, and I am ready to drift off so I can do it all over again tomorrow — only better. G’night, y’all.

~~ Amie


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