“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Lao Tzu

I’m going to give a good, in-depth update to the diet saga…but first, let’s talk about the pain I eluded to in my opening quote. Let’s talk waxing. I have gotten my legs and bikini line waxed several times now because of the impending girls trip to Belize. I do not want to pack razors, shaving cream, and I do not want to sacrifice any time to leg hair maintenance when I could be spending that time drinking on the beach! So, I planned out my leg/bikini waxing sessions by starting with the day before my trip, then working backwards in 6-week increments between sessions. Last weekend, I had another session, I had scheduled just a standard legs and bikini line — or so I thought.

She begins waxing my legs and we’re chit chatting away. She finishes my lower legs, and starts working up my upper legs towards my bikini line. When she reaches the bikini line I notice she’s really being extra precise and thorough this time, even switched back and forth a few times between the regular melty wax and the hard wax. And then it happened. With one slather of hot, gooey wax and one pull of a strip, I received my first ever Brazilian. In approximately .3127 seconds, that tiny strip of cloth covered in wax and hair was tossed straight into the trash right along with any shred of modesty I was still clinging to at age 39 (which wasn’t a lot, but now I got none). I was not mentally or physically prepared for it, though. She heard me suck in a sharp, quick breathe and apologized for not giving warning or counting to 3 before she pulled. She then said she knew eventually I’d want to get a Brazilian, so she wasn’t surprised to see that I had finally requested that for this appointment. Soooooooo…apparently the services requested were entered into the computer incorrectly, because there was no mistake that I was on the schedule for a Brazilian, I just didn’t actually schedule it. I’m not mad at all, though — what’s done is done, and it’s not like we can put it back! I gotta say, what I’ve heard from other women is true, it is very liberating. And now I reeeeaaaalllly don’t have to worry about my bikini line, because there is no more line!

Alright, enough about my nether regions, back to the diet! I have been holding strong taking all my new health products, taking all my nutraceutical supplements and I have been feeling great, but my metabolism has started to tank again and the cravings are fierce. I have decided to do a very gradual month long cleanse. The guidelines are already fully laid out on my new business’s web site, it will be an intense month but I am willing to fully commit to this to reboot my system (the same way the 10 day shred did before). I beefed up my autoship order for this month to make sure I had any and every product I would possibly need during April, including ones to ensure extra hydration and nutrients. The next month will be intense, and the first week I bet I’m not going to in the greatest of moods, but that’ll pass quickly!

In the mean time, my husband has also started his own diet. Once I’m back on track after my cleanse, it’ll be much easier to plan meals with the two adults in the house eating very conscientiously.

I’ve also been contemplating some big changes pertaining to how I run my daycare. All these years with only major holidays off are taking their toll on me. I feel like I’m missing out on my own 4 kids’ lives while taking care of everyone else’s. Not to mention, I’m leaving no time to take care of myself and I desperately need that time to make my weight loss successful — and permanent. But more on work at a later date….

In parting, I’d like to thank all my Catholic friends for all the great deals on fish and seafood I have been able to take advantage of since mid-February. Also, good luck in holding strong on whatever you gave up for these last few days of Lent, hopefully you all gave up truly sacrificial things and not something silly like pop. #dontcallthepopsoda

I think there is only one song that I can leave you with to sum up this post, I’m going with Nazareth’s “Love Hurts”. Not unlike love, I’m sure Brazilians also get a little easier and hurt a little less each time.😫

~~ Amie


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