“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms

Being inspired doesn’t mean squat if we don’t act on it, create something from it. I have time, only a little time, to actually sit and think each day as I rock my babies and toddlers to sleep for afternoon nap each day. Last week, I had a day where all 7 kids were asleep for a solid hour — I know, a true miracle! — and I sat at the kitchen table and actually ate lunch (this doesn’t typically happen Monday through Friday). Out of no where, an idea struck me. I really mean out of no where, my brain was no where near the topic when this idea exploded and interrupted all other thoughts. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down before I forgot. And there it has sat since last week, just words scribbled on a piece of scratch paper. That idea will never see fruition unless I get up and do something about it. I live in a beautiful place, full of natural wonders and a great community, I can draw inspiration from the tiniest things I see every day. That should be enough motivation to see these creative bursts through, right? I mean, come on, look at the inspiration I live with every day here!

I have had so many wasted opportunities like this that I haven’t acted on. I really think the idea I had two weeks ago about transitioning my daycare to a preschool is one I need to act on and begin the process now. The book(s) idea I had last week while eating lunch is one I need to start on immediately, too. Why is this a thing I have become comfortable with in my adult years, having strokes of genius like this and never doing anything about them? I have the ability to be inspired by the simplest things around me, I can brainstorm ideas out of thin air…but I never act on them.

I have always done the same thing with my weight loss. I have great plans, creative new ideas, goals…but I just simply don’t do it. I really hope I haven’t somehow become fearful of success! I think this is one reason why the new line of health products I’m using is working so well for me, I’m not having to put a huge effort into unrealistic, drastic changes and yet I’m seeing immediate success. I am starting to feel the smallest tingling of self-worth trying to bubble up, something I haven’t felt very much of for the last 2 decades.

Since I have received many questions about what I’m using, I think I’ll touch on one of my new products in each blog post from here on out! The first supplement I’ll talk about is the organic sulfur found on this daily basics page. Sulfur supports joint, skin, hair and nail health. I absolutely cannot say this product alone has been responsible for alleviating specific problems, but I can tell you that since I started taking it (beginning of March), my hip pain continues to lessen every day, and my crunchy knees that I started feeling about 4 years ago are completely gone. Once again, I want to reiterate that none of these products cure any ailments, but they are designed to offer the body the support it needs in different areas to encourage healing and recovery…and I am feeling very supported. 😁

On this cleanse, so far I have lost 1 pound each day, yaaasssssssssss! And I haven’t even completed the first 5 days, Saturday I’ll reach the next phase where I eliminate a few more foods and up the fruit and vegetable intake even more. I started to feel the detox effects yesterday afternoon, but I am so pumped full of nutrients and hydration that I woke up for the this morning feeling completely normal. I’m also taking this bad a good sign that, even though I strayed from the diet for a while, the foods I was putting in my body went totally awful for me since the detoxing effects are far less and much more short lived!

Today’s song I’m going with one to reiterate the theme of this blog to myself, Toad the Wet Sprocket’s ” I Will Not Take These Things for Granted”. I need to get up and just get shit done, no more wasting time.

~~ Amie


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