“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” Bethenny Frankel

I may not have made the best investments in my diet bank account this weekend! 😕 Saturday, I judged the Kansas state championships for trampoline and tumbling, we always have great hospitality rooms for the meets in Emporia, KS (my former home of 15 years), but I did not think to plan ahead. I knew we’d be having some mouthwatering barbecue catered by BobbyD’s, and this Kansas girl never turns down good barbecue! On this cleanse however, I am supposed to omit all red meat and pork and slowly reintroduce them when it’s done. I should have asked beforehand which meats we’d having Saturday because this time we just had pulled pork and brisket, no turkey. I only opted for brisket for my protein since I could cut out any of the fat I saw.

Yesterday, I also cheated quite a bit. My husband is obsessed, and I really mean completely obsessed (like how I am with Christmas), with professional wrestling. Last night was Wrestlemania, so we had a buffet of snacks. Most of our snacks were very healthy, but I did eat quite a few dips that had cream cheese bases…surprisingly I did not feel awful after eating these cheat meals! I think this cleanse really has my insides functioning like a well oiled machine now.

Today is day 8 of the cleanse and I am supposed to eliminate all animal proteins, in addition to all the other things already outlined on the “NO” list. You can see the full cleanse program here! Day 9, I am to continue with all my natural, non-GMO supplements and cut back to only fruits, veggies, and whole grains. THEN, day 10 is my supplements plus all fruits and veggies for one day! After that, I slowly bring back in all the things I eliminated.I have continued loosing 1 pound a day, I imagine I would have lost 1 to 2 more if I hadn’t cheated for previous two days!

I’ll talk about the actual cleanse product today! What is in this tiny bottle is nothing short of a miracle, and still all natural and non-GMO. Most people, mainly us Americans who have poor diets, are not going to the bathroom as often as we should. We eat three meals a day, snack often, don’t drink enough water — then poop once, maybe twice, in a day. Yeah, I said it. Poop. I’m a mother of 4, and I run a daycare with 7 young children in my home 5 days a week, my days revolve around all the bodily functions of 12 other people (13 if you count my husband, too — yes, dear, don’t think I don’t notice everything with you too, it’s my wifely job!) — but I never give a single thought to my own. One single dropper of this product, once a day, for 7-10 days every 3-4 months is ALL YOU NEED. Does it taste good, you ask? Nope. Not at all. But I put my dropper full in a shot glass, add a splash of water, and shoot it. It’s done and over with in a fraction of a second — not unlike my unexpected Brazilian a few weeks ago! You don’t realize how out of whack your bowels are…until they aren’t. I didn’t realize how I’d become so used to living with things in my body not functioning as nature intended until all these issues slowly started correcting themselves since I’ve been on all these products.

My biggest news, I finally made my official decision in regards to some mentions I made to possibly changing up my work situation. I notified all my daycare families today in my newsletter that I will cease operating as a regular daycare on July 26, 2019. I will reopen 2 1/2 weeks later on the first day of school as an in-home preschool! I will run on the same schedule as the school district so I have all the same days off and vacation as my kids. No more early mornings, no more breakfasts, no more lunches, no more nap time, no more having children of such a wide age and development range. I am currently lining up my curriculum to match the district, and then adapting it to use all my music techniques. We are going to learn all the same things as every other preschool, but we’re doing it through the arts. ❤️🎶 This will be tough, though. I adore my babies in my daycare so much, it’s hard to imagine 15 months from now I won’t be loving on any tiny ones anymore. But with all these changes I will have more time with my kids and my husband, more days off, more time to focus on my own health and weight loss, more freedom to attend concerts/events, more flexibility to visit family and friends…and I get to make sure my preschoolers start off with s firm foundation in music. Not to mention, I will get more time to play again myself! My poor horn had been really neglected for a long time, there are several orchestras surrounding Manhattan that I could join.

So, to sum up this post…I cheated on my cleanse diet both days this weekend, and I talked about poop, and I’m sad I won’t be cuddling babies anymore in a year. Happy Monday to you all!😄 A great song to put this all together is Janet Jackson’s “Better Days”. She says it best, ” I gonna change my vibe, today the sun’s gonna shine, ’cause I made up my mind that today will be the start of better days.”


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