“Even though you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

So…again…I derailed. I don’t know how it happened, I just woke up one morning a few weeks ago and all motivation had left me overnight. There isn’t really an explanation why, I did have some extra work stresses these last several weeks, perhaps those affected me more than I thought! I snacked on ALL the crackers with the kids everyday, ate way too much at meals, didn’t exercise all that much…but I wasn’t really sad or depressed about it, in fact, I didn’t even feel all the disappointed in myself…weird, usually I am when I do this.

WELL, BACK TO IT! Yesterday, a large group of us who belong to the nutraceutical company I joined at the end of February are doing a newly designed 7-day detox program together. We all began yesterday, have a Private FB group that we’re chatting on, and have a nightly Zoom conference call to check in. The support has been outstanding, it is so much easier to navigate dieting with people to talk with about it daily.

I weighed myself before things started yesterday morning, then again this morning to see what the damage was after day 1. Was that right? I had to re-weigh myself several times, I even scooted the scale around to a few different places on the floor to make sure I wasn’t getting some weird reading because of uneven tiles or something…4 pounds?! Is it even possible to loose 4 pounds in one day? I did weigh myself several times yesterday morning to make sure I got a solid starting weight. According to the scale, I am down 4 pounds after day 1, holy shitballs!

So, about this 7 day detox we’re all doing…I know cleanses and detoxes are all the rage right now. I’ve done the 10 day shred that I’ve mentioned previously, and I loved it. People want to loose a decent chunk of weight very quickly by doing these things, just looking for a quick fix. Our 7 day detox was actually designed by a doctor — not some self-proclaimed nutrition and health expert — a real, established, educated, certified MD. He made sure all our nutrients are accounted for and everything we drink/eat is strategically placed at certain times throughout the day in order to create optimal effectiveness. I didn’t feel tired, weak, or jittery yesterday. I did have moments where I was legitimately hungry, my stomach was audibly growling and my daycare kiddos thoughts that was hilarious! But I ate/drank 6 times throughout the day, so anytime hunger was coming on it was usually time for another meal anyways — problem solved! I’ll let you all know how day 2 goes with a new update tomorrow!

One of the key products on this detox is the Hydrate. This one ensures no one becomes dehydrated or becomes depleted of essential sodium levels, critical during a detox phase as we are eliminating so many things for this short period of time! I drink this stuff everyday regardless of whether or not I’m detoxing, cleansing, working out, of sitting on the couch trying to empty the DVR of all my shows…it tastes sooooo good (fruit punch flavor), WAY better than any other sports drink I can buy at the grocery store. It is actually the original formula of one of the most popular sports drinks today (before they sold out to a big corporation and diluted the formula big time).

Plans continue with setting up my arts-based curriculum for my pre-school that I will begin August 2019! It is coming together so fast and so easily, I almost feel like I’ve got to be overlooking something! It is still going to be so hard not having tiny babies in my home anymore, this is the one part that’s really going to hurt when the transition from daycare to preschool actually happens. 😭 But I need the new schedule and the days off so badly, I’ve done so little for myself since becoming a mom, it’s long past time to get myself back in order!

I’ll leave you with a song that I have already heard about 5 times today — not something inspirational or deep. Nope. I’ve been watching reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all morning…come on 90s kids, you know you can’t resist…ready?….”iiiiiiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised on a playground where I spent most of my days”…I’ll let you all finish the rest. Just know that when it’s stuck in your head the rest of the day (or possibly the rest of this week), I’ll be singing it right along with you! Ahh, growing up in the 90s. 😎

~~ Amie


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