“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” Thomas Carlyle

Soooooo…the 7 day detox that a large group of us tested out ended last night and I did my final weigh-in this morning right when I woke up — I LOST A TOTAL OF 12 lbs IN 7 DAYS! And before anyone starts their belly achin’ and finger shakin’, we all ate every day, we were never deprived, and I diligently logged every day on My Fitness Pal and my vitamin/mineral intake was through the roof. Sure, I felt hungry the first couple days. I’m fat, of course I’m going to feel hungry in a detox.

The doctor who designed the detox followed us and checked in with us online every day to hear all of our cheers and jeers and make any tweaks needed to the program. There are a small handful of us who have decided to continue now that our bodies are in full ketosis and firing at optimal performance mode, so here on day 8 and I am beginning the cycle all over again and am going to stick with it a full 28 days leading up to my Belize trip!

I feel good, guys, real good. It’s not often I can say that. I want to get up and exercise, I want to get outside, I am not afraid to succeed. My mood is serene, my mind is clear, I can focus. Today, I forced all the kids outside the right as the last one arrived at 8:15am and we didn’t come in until I needed to make them lunch at 11:00am.

Another huge, HUGE thing I want to touch on is my spring allergies. I never had allergies until my mid to late 20s, I was told pregnancy can often trigger them later in life so that’s probably what happened with me since I’d had the first 3 babies with 4 1/2 years. My allergies hit hard late April and continue through May, it’s bad. Within seconds of stepping outside the itching in my eyes, nose, throat, and even the skin in my face, is so out of control I feel like I’m going insane. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I haven’t sneezed once, haven’t rubbed an eye, haven’t contemplated ways to scratch the inside of my throat. My body is balanced and functioning how it was intended. Suck it, pollens! You’re not getting me this year!

Plans continue for the preschool next year! I’m also going to bust my butt getting my chops back in shape and find some orchestras to play with within driving distance. I really feel lost without a group to play with, not to mention it’s embarrassing to have degrees in music performance and not be performing. Lots and lots of work continuing in myself, lots more support with the weight loss at the moment, and feeling more peace than I’ve felt in a long time.

Tonight, I’ll leave you with some music from the classical part of my world. One of my favorite symphonies is Camille Saint-Saens’ Symphony No. 3 in c minor, the “Organ Symphony.” When I hear the poco adagio section, I melt…Every. Single. Time. You all may know the most recognizable part, the maestoso section at the end, from the movie ‘Babe,’ but you gotta close your eyes, lay back, and give that slow section in the middle a listen tonight. G’ night, all.

~~ Amie


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