“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” Plato

Right now, I’m laying flat on my back on the cold concrete floor on my storage room after just having run 1.22 miles on my treadmill (would’ve been 1.25, but my shoelace came untied and having to stop threw off my end total)…and I’m not done yet. I still need to do my strength and toning exercises for tonight. I’m also extremely pissed off for receiving MORE negativity about loosing weight. Ya now, when you are as fat as me, you wanna know the only thing worse than loosing weight? Staying fat and dying from *insert whichever obesity related disease here* before your last kid graduates high school…that’s in 11 years for me. Sorry if I don’t want to hang out in the fat club anymore, it’s a miserable existence and I have a life I need to get back to after all these years of being gross. I feel good, I’m about to have to go buy new clothes in a smaller size for the first time in YEARS, so I’m sticking to MY plan, not anyone else’s. Anyone sitting at home reading this who is just as fat as me, you have no business putting me down when you’re in the same boat as me — actually, no, we’re not in the same boat anymore, I’ve left you behind. Sorry.

Okay, I just stopped ranting to do my plank and my pushups…

In much more positive news…😁…I FEEL FANTASTIC! I am up to running 1.25 miles, planking 60 seconds, 12 full push-ups (not the girly ones with my knees bent), 60 squats, 30 full sit ups (as in full floor-to-knees), 50 crunches…I haven’t been able to do this much since 1999, you guys. I think I’m going to stick with exercises without weights for several more weeks, I want to get down 10-15 lbs more so I can safely add in weights without hurting anything. I am 39 yrs old after all, I don’t recover as quickly as I once did. 😬

And I just stopped to do my sit ups and crunches, only the squats remain…

I have been completely stuck on Jamiroquai for my workout music lately, every album except the last one (sorry boys, ‘Cloud 9’ is the only song I really like off the Automaton album, what happened to that funk-jazz sound I love so much?). So, to round of tonight’s blog — by the way, sorry for the mix of pissiness and positivity, I know, opposing emotions — I’m going to close out with the song ‘You Are My Love’ off their Traveling Without Moving album, it’s the perfect pace to knock out these squats, then go take a lonnnnng shower, I think I may even drink my ice water while in the shower…college kids do that with their beers in the shower now, right? Well, I hate beer, so I’ll try it with some gin sometime later on. I better get to these squats first! G’night, all. ❤️

~~ Amie

Author: lifedeathdieting

My story is the same as most women, all was fine with my health, weight and body -- until I had kids. My metabolism is nearly non-existent, it seems I have to put in 10X more effort as anyone else to loose even 1 pound (yet, I can gain weight almost instantly if I allow myself even a single cheat day), I'm embarrassed to say how many different diets I've tried and bombed, and most days the motivation simply isn't there. I have even met much resistance with people in my life, dieting and loosing weight is such a common topic, I think it is often minimized just because so many people talk about it everyday. Friends and family always brush it off like its something I can do if I just stop whining about it and just do it -- but I can't, I've learned over the last 17 years that it is far more complicated than "just doing it." Exercising is difficult with all the loose skin and fat that sags on my abdomen...but I need to exercise to get all that fat off...but many exercises I can't do because the fat and skin are in the way...it's a loose-loose at the moment. But there is a new dawn on the weight loss horizon, I have finally begin to drop some weight, and I am slowly figuring out where my buggaboos are hiding within my mind and my diet. I am sharing this journey to chronicle the successes and failures on my return to health.

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