“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” Shiv Khera

Big things have happened in diet and exercise routine since last post! First off, I’ve been using a preset workout on my treadmill, it’s a 20 minute workout that begins and ends with walking but has non-stop running in the middle. The running sections alternate between 4.5, 5, and 5.5 mph. Until last week, I have always manually bumped the speed back down to 4.5 mph each time the treadmill tries to kick it up (I have short legs to begin with, but short out-of-shape legs!). WELL, not this week! I let the preset workout run as-is everyday AND I SURVIVED! Next step is to decide whether or not I want to go up to the 30 minute workout, or start incorporating the little arm weights. The workout signals when to pick up and put down the hand weights throughout the 20 minutes. I did it once before and my shoulders were so tight it hurt to lift my arms for a week. Also, my legs and butt are no longer sore from doing tons of squats each day, and I have been gradually increasing my reps each day. So, I think I need to continue increasing my regular squats but also start adding in some grand pliés in second position — back to the ol’ ballet days!

Next, in the dieting world, I have very slowly upped my calories, fat, and protein since coming off that amazing 7 day detox. I am very proud to report that while increasing my food intake, and also increasing my workouts each day, I am STILL loosing 1/2 to 1 lb every day! It’s funny, a lot of others who completed the detox have said that after a while when they tried to eat their typical crave-foods they found their tastebuds didn’t necessarily like them as much anymore. Ha ha, not me! When I snuck tiny bits of things here and there, they still taste just as delicious to me now as they did before. I stated in one of my first blogs that I am not overweight because I sustained any trauma in my life. I was never abused, I never suffered an major injury or illness, I was never overweight as a child/adolescent/teen. I am fat because after I had kids, I couldn’t loose the weight and it just piled on with each pregnancy. And I freakin’ love food, all different flavors, textures, from every country, etc. I. Love. Food. ❤️

Speaking of foods, here’s one of the things we made tonight! I have made this several times before and we never have leftovers. These Spicy Sichuan Style Green Beans are amazing, I highly recommend trying this recipe this summer while all the fresh green beans in the grocery stores and farmers markets are at their peak.

I have still been fighting some haters who are telling me I’m loosing weight “the wrong way.” I have confronted each of these people about this crap and dealt with it. The worst are is coming from a group of friends from my former town where I lived for 15 years. The only thing I can think is that they are lashing out at me because I am finally doing what they won’t. They can if they chose, but as of now, they won’t. From now on, I am done with the negativity. They’ve been blocked and I’m done. It drains the motivation right out of me, and I know that they know this. It’s hard enough staying compliant with a diet and exercise routine when I can’t even turn on the tv without being visually assaulted with all the foods I need to avoid. Having my own kids and my daycare kids means there are a lot of snack foods right there in my kitchen every day that I have to open, and close, and touch, and hand out — but not put in my mouth. It’s awful most days.

Every day is a struggle.

The only thing keeping me on track this time is the success I had on the 7 day detox AND the continued success that I’ve had in the following weeks this time around. Also, the fact that I know I am gaining a lot muscle lately, yet still managing to loose weight…that keeps me going.

It’s working this time, guys. Finally, after 17 years, it’s actually working. I can breathe much easier these last few weeks seeing the numbers on the scale continue to go down. It feels real good.

For today’s song, I came across a new one while listening to the Sirius XM Heart & Soul station while I was sitting on my floor sorting laundry a few days ago. I added it to one of my playlists on my Amazon Music app and have listened to it soooooo many times since then! Do yourself a favor and listen to “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar (ft. H.E.R.), it’s so smoooooooth, just give it go. 😌

I’ve been a good girl with all the dieting business for a long time now, I think tonight I deserve a martini or two…it’s not like those are going to add many calories, anyways! OH YES, and I leave for Belize in 5 days! 😎 Later, all!

~~ Amie


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