“Problems can be experienced as… a chance for renewal rather than stress.” Marilyn Ferguson

This week marks the one year anniversary of me purchasing my web site and beginning my blog. Originally, the goal was to wrote a blog a day…clearly, this did not happen! And despite numerous attempts to get back on track, I haven’t been able to get my sh*t together and JUST DO IT! I actually sat myself down yesterday and wrote out a new daily schedule to include blogging time, so I’m going to give this new self-implemented schedule a go and see if I can become a more consistent writer. Just think guys, even more stories for you about all the hang ups on my diet and exercise plans, even more griping about the everyday stresses of life that affect said diet and exercise plans, and of course even more of my eclectic song choices. You’re welcome. 😊

BACK TO THE DIET! I have mentioned often that I use PURE products and supplements. I am still using them consistently! I was part of a pilot group back in April to test out a new 7 Day Detox and offer insight/input to develop it into a phenomenal program. Over the last several months, when the energy starts to dwindle, the metabolism tanks, and the numbers start to go back up in the scale, I do this 7 Day Detox to reboot my body and shake things up. It has truly been a lifesaver for me. It has also helped me create my own personalized weight loss regime, because clearly my mom bod does not operate the way most normal people’s do. There is one thing of which I am certain, my body adapts to new routines far too easily, and quickly. I am constantly having to change things up every few weeks. I kid you not, I hit my dieting plateau after mere weeks, and I haven’t even lost a significant amount of weight either by the time I plateau. My body says, “Eh, old news, your efforts are futile — I’m shutting down.”

Having confirmed this now, I can predict that every 4-5 weeks I need to do a round of the 7 Day Detox, reset, reboot, pump up the energy and metabolism, then I’m good to loose the next few pounds. The weight loss has been very slow going, but going nonetheless! The initial 15 pounds I dropped simply by beginning to take my supplements has NOT come back on! Everything after that has been in constant fluctuation, but at least whatever I gain back is lost again very easily. My next goal: to break into the next 10 pound range below where I am now. I’m going to do this THIS month.

Another setback I have mentioned is the nasty, loose, stretch-marked mama skin on my abdomen. I hated to do it, but I resorted to buying more soul sucking undergarments that squeeze that loose skin in tight so clothes sort of fit me in the right spots — not great, though, I am highly self conscious about people seeing my abdomen at all. I hate it, and in my mind, because I hate it so much then other people surely must be completely disgusted by the sight of it. I mean, it is completely gross the way it hangs off my body, so awkward and unnatural.

Alright, now for some fun stuff! Last weekend the hubs and I took off to Colorado for the weekend so I could see Amos Lee in Beaver Creek (since the boy is not playing in Kansas anytime this year, I had to drive my butt out-of-state to catch a show), and meet up with a friend I’ve known since the 4th grade for a quick brunch gathering with her and her babies. We ate much good food, drove around the multi-million dollar homes in the mountains (and wondered what these people do for a living that their “fun houses” they spend only a few weeks at each year cost $4-6 million????), listened to comedy shows and laughed on our long boring drive along I70 through western Kansas, all in all a good relaxing weekend! Only one slip up, I didn’t realize until we reached Colorado that somehow I had left my wallet (with my ID) back in Kansas, so no drinks for me on this trip. Even though I have a child one year out from starting college, apparently I look so fresh-faced and youthful there’s NO WAY they believed I was over 21! 😜

I really do enjoy Colorado, though! I love the mountains, the fresh air (maybe not so fresh in Denver, it all kind of smells like a giant skunk now…I can’t imagine why! 😁), and there’s always so much to do. If the hubs was ever transferred anywhere for work, I would probably protest…unless it was Colorado. I can hang there anytime.

Today’s song choice is going to have nothing to do with this post at all, it’s just a song that has been stuck in my head for weeks now. My latest artist obsession is Leon Bridges, he’s a pretty young guy but has that bluesy, old school, Motown feel to his music. His song “Mrs.” has had me hooked for weeks now…go check him out if you haven’t heard of him yet!

Oh yeah, and I have no cute nature pics from the land of Oz for you today, but please accept these staged photos of my youngest’s dinosaurs playing in City Park while we out about yesterday! Feel free to caption the photos!

~~ Amie

Author: lifedeathdieting

My story is the same as most women, all was fine with my health, weight and body -- until I had kids. My metabolism is nearly non-existent, it seems I have to put in 10X more effort as anyone else to loose even 1 pound (yet, I can gain weight almost instantly if I allow myself even a single cheat day), I'm embarrassed to say how many different diets I've tried and bombed, and most days the motivation simply isn't there. I have even met much resistance with people in my life, dieting and loosing weight is such a common topic, I think it is often minimized just because so many people talk about it everyday. Friends and family always brush it off like its something I can do if I just stop whining about it and just do it -- but I can't, I've learned over the last 17 years that it is far more complicated than "just doing it." Exercising is difficult with all the loose skin and fat that sags on my abdomen...but I need to exercise to get all that fat off...but many exercises I can't do because the fat and skin are in the way...it's a loose-loose at the moment. But there is a new dawn on the weight loss horizon, I have finally begin to drop some weight, and I am slowly figuring out where my buggaboos are hiding within my mind and my diet. I am sharing this journey to chronicle the successes and failures on my return to health.

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