“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” Theodore Roosevelt

From 4:25am to 5:20am, I was laying flat on my back in the middle of my driveway. You may be asking why in the world I was doing this? Well, I answer your question with a question — why weren’t YOU?!?! The Perseid meteor shower was in its peak early this morning, I lost count of how many shooting stars I saw in that hour! So many wishes you all missed out on, but not me…I got all the wishes this morning. Maybe I saved some for the rest of you, or maybe I kept them all for myself…you’ll never know because you all were asleep! As a bonus, this mama got in some pretty sweet alone time to start the day. Ahh, me and space stuff…am I going to be exhausted today? Yup. Was it worth it? Always.


While I’m already up, I’ll knock out today’s blog early. I ran out of a few of my PURE supplements all at once, but my auto ship order was all set and processed all on its own. I will be restocked Tuesday morning! I did not eat all that healthy the last few days, but I’m not going to get too down on myself about it. I just need to focus on getting back on track quickly before I put any pounds back on. Resisting snacking is going to be SO much easier in just a few days, all 4 of my own kids will be back in school and the house will not be filled with all their tempting kid foods.

I’m getting back to my new exercise plan this morning, too. I was so incredibly sore last week that I quickly veered off track. Part of my plan is to do my sweatiest, hardest part of my workout at the end of the day, mainly for logistical purposes. I am never guaranteed time to take a shower in the morning unless I’m awake at like, well, some extreme early time like I am now. But today, I was only awake at this insanely early hour to appease my inner space nerd. It’s for science, people, health has to wait until sunrise! Anyways, in a house of 6 people, it’s much easier to score a late night shower time. The grueling exercises will be done later, for morning I’ll do my 5K walk and all my strengthening routines. I already completed my walk this morning and watched the meteor shower fade into a beautiful Kansas sunrise. Great way to start my Monday.

Come Wednesday, stress will be reduced greatly with 4 fewer people in the house. School begins that day and all of my own children will be back to the grind, I now officially have a senior, a freshman, an 8th grader, and a second grader! As for my stress load, it’s not that my own kids cause me so much more stress, but just the congestion of having all the people in the house on top of all my daycare kiddos — most of the summer I’ve had 12-13 people in my home every day. That’s a lot of bodies in my house. That’s a lot of people demanding my attention, asking me questions non-stop, climbing on me, bickering, not to mention the DISHES! Good frickin’ god, the piles and piles of plates, bowls, cups…and not to mention, where the hell have all my spoons gone in the last 2 months?! I ate rice this last week with a baby spoon because all my silverware is MIA. 🥄🥄🥄

As I close this out for today, I’ll let you all know that I have had much interest in me posting more pictures of myself and possibly even videos, and to those requests I say — I’ll seriously consider it! I absolutely HATE taking pictures of myself, especially my full body, but I do understand the importance of me actually being able to see my progress in my appearance and not just the numbers on the scale. As for videos, this is going to require me building a crap ton of courage to do that…but I’m open to it and I will keep thinking on it, I promise.

Ah, now for my song of the day…keeping with my space theme for the day, I’ll go with Jamiroquai’s “Cosmic Girl”, it shuffled through during my early morning walk and helped keep up my walking pace (I have a minimum tempo requirement for my workout playlist, I tend to fall in step with the beat so I need to keep it fast!). Hopefully, I’ll get my blog in early again tomorrow morning! Later, y’all!

~~ Amie


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