“Especially when you have a lot going on, you must find a way to unplug and focus on yourself.” Mandy Ingber

Our schedules have packed since school started mid-August, and I think the month of October has been the worst so far. Every weekend has been filled with football games (high school and Chiefs), concerts (high school choir, Sam Smith, Billy Joel, Ed Sheeran), parent-teacher conferences for four kids at three different locations, fun runs, making pre-game meals for cheerleaders, brunch with the gals, we even squeezed in a Sporting KC game. As fun and fulfilling as all these events have been, they’ve left zero down time for this introvert to recharge. By this morning, I am really feeling to effects of non-stop stimulations and interactions. November will slow down a little bit…December will be packed again. I think I need to ask for some assistance from the grandmas and try really hard to get just one weekend alone sometime in November, I’m feeling strained!

All of this non-stop on the go has not been great for the diet and exercise. A lot of eating out, eating while driving, huge lack of exercise, lots of sitting, and even less sleep than my normal 5 crappy hours. I am semi-happy to report that — as of my weigh in this morning — I have not gained any since school began. So, beginning this morning at 5:30am I began a round of my 7 Day Detox to reset my metabolism. There is no way I could possibly express how grateful I am to have been a part of the pilot group that helped in the development of this detox program. To finally have some dieting ammunition in my pocket that I can fire at my sluggish metabolism whenever I need has been life changing. Never before have I had something guaranteed to work for me, my body. I had hoped to loose more by October 20, that’s when I will return to my alma mater, Emporia State University (stingers up!), for our homecoming to participate in our band reunion and play at half-time. This will be the first one I’ve been able to play with a group since 2013. Over 5 years.

This post hasn’t offered up too much other than “hey, I’ve been super busy and literally nothing has happened with my weight”, but I want to go more in-depth with specific foods, plans, goals, recipes, and how to manage life while dieting as we go throughout the week.

Of course, I will still offer up a music selection for today! Saturday night my older two girls and I went to see Ed Sheeran at Arrowhead Stadium. He. Was. Amazing! His two opening acts were Lauv and Snow Patrol. At first, we had no idea who Lauv was (btw, you pronounce his name like you’re saying ‘loud’, but replace the d with a v) until he started singing the opening lines of his hit that’s currently all over the radio (“I Like Me Better”), but THEN he immediately transitioned into another song, “Paris in the Rain.” I really, really liked that one. A mellow, relaxed tempo with a simple beat, sweet lovey-dovey lyrics, nice chill chords. Go give the kid a listen, if he can stay focused and not get swept up in all the glitz and glamor, he has the potential to do some big things in his career.

Also, this is the view I started my day with from my living room windows…we all get a fresh start every morning, mine just happens to be exceptionally pretty today in Kansas 😊 Seriously, look at those clouds!

Until tomorrow…

~~ Amie


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