“You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.” Georgia O’Keeffe

The low grade fever lingered all day today, but I could not let that interfere with my plans — and I am very proud to report that TWO huge things were accomplished today! My garage is spotless and all junk is cleaned out, and I have a working dishwasher in my kitchen again!!! I just rewarded myself by a long, loooooooong soak in my big jetted tub. I am so freakin’ tired I almost fell asleep in there while the bubbles and jets massaged away the aches and pains. My jets will only run for 30 minutes at a time and then turn themselves off for a while. I was so sad when my bubbles disappeared. 😦 I avoided weighing myself today, and will continue to do so until I have completely kicked this bug and have been back on a solid exercise routine for at least a week. I don’t think I could handle any disappointment right now.

Cleaning out the garage was a real struggle. First off, I have purchased more giant push brooms than I can count, Home Depot has made a fortune off me. And yet, as soon as I womaned-up and made my way out to start my day-long project, I found myself without a damn broom. Again. So, Home Depot made another $18 off me today. Seriously, I have no idea what happens to them. Someday, they will all turn up with all the missing socks, and missing plastic lids, and missing scissors (missing scissors are an epidemic in our household). After that small hiccup, I was back at it. I am certain I pushed myself way too far, though. I am not recovered at all from whatever virus I seem to have caught. I still have zero appetite, the fatigue is overwhelming, and my low grade fever constantly hovers around 99.7. I did get some help from my husband after he got home from work/the gym. He smashed up the old bunk bed frame and a flimsy little dresser. I wouldn’t have been able to crack the hammer at those things, the energy was running on fumes late in the evening and I was feeling extremely weak.

My oldest daughter’s boyfriend is a handy guy. He helped me install a new over-the-range microwave/vent over the winter. And today he helped me get the old dishwasher out and down to the curb and install the new one. We did have to call my brother with a minor electrical issue, but Kyle (my brother) already knew exactly what we needed to find and where to find it. I almost has heart attack, though, when we turned it on repeatedly and it just hummed at us. Then, the most glorious sound — second only to the sounds of all my children’s first newborn cries as the doctor plopped my slimy babies upon my chest — water wooshed through the tubes and a cycle started. Tears of joy, y’all. So, I now owe my daughter’s boyfriend big time (again). Last time he accepted payment in the form of his favorite cookies, I think he deserves something bigger this time! Pie? Cheesecake? A gift card? I’ll figure it out.

Anywho, I am now dead tired. My Fitbit was so kind as to inform me that I have hit over 20,000 steps today, that’s a lot steps just running around my garage and driveway (and Home Depot, of course).

I did do two small things for myself this morning to start my day. I FINALLY got my hair cut for the first time in (don’t judge me) over a year. Today was the first time since high school I have had the stylist cut and layer my hair with it on a side part. She took off 5 inches and put in all my long layers that I love, it is still incredibly long but it looks so much healthier now. My second small thing was walking out of the salon and into the Target next door to treat myself to a venti flat white from Starbucks. I have not had one of those in so long, it warmed my soul…I credit all energy I burned through during the first half of the day to my Starbucks boost. My garage project would never have been completed without you, old friend.

Today’s song, I’m going with “All My Friends” by Amos Lee. It’s the last track on his very first album that I found total by chance on iTunes one night back in 2005. In fact, I even went to see him at OU while visiting a friend in Norman, OK way back when all he had was this one album. It’s been so great to hear his music evolve over the years, and also see him evolve in his performances. Ha ha, I remember that very first show, he looked terrified up on that stage! Don’t worry, Amos, I’ve been playing horn since I was 10 or 11 and I still choke on that first breathe whenever I’m about to play a solo. SMH, performance anxiety, sheesh. I have really enjoyed him at his last two shows, though, he seems like he’s having a great time and really letting his true self be seen, joking around and telling stories. Keep it up, man. And as always, you feel free to stop in Manhattan, KS anytime…I live very close to the airport…I’m just sayin’…And bring Mutlu, I like him too. 🙂

~~ Amie


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